Michael Allen, the designer/visualist, creates what does not exist. He can look at raw space and in his mind’s eye transform it into something that does not yet exist through his design, film and marketing talent.

Most of his clients’ entertainment-related projects begin with a “clean sheet of paper.” Allen may develop the marketing strategy, design the product and produce all the visual elements of the product: graphic design, film/videography and photography with his tools: the camera, computer and drawing pen.

His first job experience in television came many years ago when he received a call from television producer Ken Snyder asking Allen to work as an animator on ABC’s highest-rated Saturday morning animated series, “Hot Wheels,” named after the Mattel Toys product. Michael now produces music videos and develops their concepts. “It’s a natural progression for a designer. Every thing is designed; whether you make a sketch of that design, photograph a recording artist for an album cover, or use a movie camera to tell a story. It’s solving a problem by design. That’s what designers do,” says Allen, “and I design visual products.”

After receiving his second college diploma, a B.S. degree in Industrial Design, from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Michael was associated with many design businesses. While working in California, he was on the design team that developed the Paper-Mate Flair felt-tip pen and worked as a design consultant to the Southern California Rapid Transit District where new concepts in people movement and planning were explored through design and system analysis.

Michael also learned the art of selling as a student salesman for the Southwestern Company for five summers. This experience has proved invaluable in the selling of his talents and the marketing of his clients and their products.

In recent years much of his photojournalistic abilities were expressed in articles for four national automotive magazines and was contributing editor to three.

In a joint design venture with Design Discovery, East Rochester, New York, Allen performed consultant design services for:

Eastman Kodak —exterior design of Kodak ColorEdge copier
Fisher-Price Toys —redesign of high chair for children
The State of New York —fabrication of training models for police academies

In the 1980s, Allen put all his creative entertainment-related business and management skills into “high gear” when he originated a career development program for former RCA recording artist, Sylvia. He was associated with Sylvia for over seven years from almost “day number one” to the height of her career in January, 1983. Over the last three years of this association with Sylvia he designed her business organization, created a strong visual business image and managed Sylvia’s business on a daily basis.

After leaving the Sylvia organization, he formed his latest business, Michael Allen Entertainment Development, which specializes in entertainment-related design projects, public relations, artist development, audio and video production. Some clients include: the Country Music Association, CBS Cable, Country Radio Broadcasters, Brenda Lee, Tom T. Hall, and Shotgun Red.

Some projects include:

Advertising photography for Wal-Mart, Sears and Target. Client: Springs Bath Fashions

Television commercials for Wal-Mart. Concepts, storyboards, still photography, and associate producer of 10 Wal-Mart “Photo Tips” national cable TV commercials. Client: Group W Satellite Communications

Book designer/publisher of “Recipes From Sweet Yesterday” books by Thelm Allen.Volume One has been sold on direct response television – QVC.

When you view his portfolio you will witness an “incomparable diversity.” What Michael Allen’s mind can believe and visualize is what this renaissance man can create.

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